Where the style of New Delhi and New York collide, and the elegant east meets stylish west.

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Armayla is about the heart and soul of a woman. It is about style, freedom, passion, strength, confidence, elegance, compassion.

Style in my mind is about confidence and elegance. It’s a feeling. Not just what you wear, but how you carry what you wear. “Armayla” to me is the embodiment of this. It’s about what makes her feel special, unique, beautiful. In this day, I believe it is also about how you want to project yourself or express yourself to others.

There is something exciting and unique about the brilliant and elegant style of the Indian woman and the chicness of the American/European woman. When the worlds collide, the possibilities are endless: India and the US and Europe; New Delhi, New York and London; conservative and stylish; hot and cool; elegant and chic.

As a family, we are constantly going back and forth from Delhi to New York and now to London. I perpetually face a conundrum of “what to wear where?” At first I found it confusing. And now I find it exciting to discover new ways to put things together.

So I’ll offer you glimpses of my colliding worlds and how I interpret style from both the streets of New York and the streets of New Delhi. “Armayla” is universal and timeless.

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“My background was never really fashion or writing. It was really just old-fashioned finance from a big old-fashioned business school in Philadelphia. I spent 14 years working on Wall Street in New York and even in Beverly Hills. And finally turned my sights towards the fashion industry when I was able to follow my passions – truly a luxury. ”
- Patricia Dhar | Founder
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