What does “Armayla” mean? If you look it up, it doesn’t exist. So don’t even try. It’s a nonsensical word made up by taking snippets of the names of my children, ARjun, MAYa and ayLA.  To me, though, it means freedom, passion, independence, strength, confidence, empathy.  That’s what I believe today’s modern women should be.  And that’s what I hope to instill in our children.

Once when I was shopping at a mela in Delhi, I went to one of my go-to sari designers, Anavila. I love her saris and linens. I quickly curated about 12 saris that I liked and then narrowed down my selection to 2 saris. I’m a speed shopper! And then - at that mela - I visited another amazingly talented designer, Gaurav Jai Gupta of Akaaro. And a customer came up to me and asked me if she could look inside my bag. I was confused, but let her do so. She quickly rummaged through my shopping bag, it dropped on the floor and she ran off. I was so surprised! I asked Gaurav what just happened? He said, “You should understand that people are fundamentally unsure about what they should buy and what would look good on them. She wanted to know what you bought!” And that was the beginning of the blog. I started showcasing what I love and how I style things. This started slowly and gradually evolved to what it is today.