“Home and Away” - a feature on Expatriates living in India, Vogue India.

Commonly known as expatriates (a term they don’t necessarily endorse!), these men and women have made this country their home and have become integral to modern India. From fashion and film to fitness and food, they bring their skills, talent and love for adventure to our cultural melting pot. These are their stories.

Patricia Dhar: Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer.

The former investment banker moved from New York with her triplets. "I had a vision that we needed to move to India to follow our passions. I loved it and hated it, but because I was married to Dilliwala I was forgiven for my dozens of faux pas!" she says. India cool: "The fact that I've given my triplets the greatest gift - of embracing their Indianness." Lost in translation: "The inability to queue." Insider tip: "Sitla or the Mother Teresa orphanage near our ancestral home in Civil Lines."