A Canadian, New Yorker, and a Parisian walk into a bar...This isn't the start of an overused trope of humour, but the coming together of some of the most influential imports in the capital (New Delhi) over a perfectly curated meal.

I remember an old conversation with Amitav Ghosh, where the prodigious writer narrated pales of how old globalisation really is - harking back to when there were Japanese slaves in Goa and Mandarin inspired architecture in coastal Gujarati homes. As cities transform into melting pots, people clash and walls are built, but food seems to meld much easier. No surprise then, that the busy kitchen of Delhi's latest hotspot, The Hong Kong Club, at the Andaaz Delhi hotel, is run by their German executive chef Alex Moser and Chef de cuisine Yu Fuhai, who grew up in south China's Guang Dong province. And so, to celebrate a handful of Delhi's favourite imports - from diplomats and designers, to entrepreneurs and artists - this glittering restaurant was our obvious choice.