Armayla is proud to announce our Global Mask Initiative. We are now offering face masks sustainably made by Indian designers and artisans. One of the most critical needs in the world today to fight against Covid-19 is to protect each other by wearing face coverings.

Before a safe vaccine can be widely available, masks are arguably the best protection against the coronavirus. And research shows that even cloth masks do help to contain the spread. Armayla has collaborated with several Indian designers to develop and supply sustainable, handmade masks for everyone. 

I’ve become super reflective after the global pandemic hit us all with such a significant punch. I think we all have. Unfortunately I was also unwell with the virus, and this gave me even more time to think. As we stayed home for days and weeks without contact with the outside world, I thought about ways that we might be able to help. Instead of offering donations to Indian designers, weavers and tailors -- who are all suffering from no work and possible exposure to the virus, I realized that one way to help is to help Indian artisans and weavers by offering them work. 

To meet the new demand from the US and the UK, I thought we can offer sustainable, breathable masks. One thing that is newly required in many western countries is face coverings. While face masks are customary in many countries in the East, the custom and now requirement to don these covers has just begun!

We decided to create face coverings in collaboration with several Indian designers to be made from sustainable material to be distributed to those in the United States and the United Kingdom. 
These masks are made from sustainable (that is, hand woven and handcrafted) material. Much of this fabric was remaining inventory that the designers had on hand from current seasons that didn’t sell this Spring. We identified several designers with whom we have been working since March 2020.

Six of these designers have developed universally-fitted, beautiful, handcrafted face masks. The elegant expandable pleated style or the fitted masks in two sizes were the easiest to fit for all people. The comfortable elastic stretch around the ears was the most comfortable to fit most people. All masks are made of cotton, khadi cotton, linen, merino wool or silk.